The Barnyard


We now have 3 medium wool llamas.  Our first 2 are  Indian Peaks Trident and Stage Stop Flint Eastwood, they are the protectors of our dairy herd.  Becky learned to shear the llamas, working with Judy Glaser of Rockwood Llamas and Rockwood Designs of Kiowa, CO. (visit her here: If you are interested in participating in a Spring Shearing event at our location, we would love to have you.  Watch our facebook page for an event announcement in May 2023.

Our latest addition is “Aislin o’Cannon”.  He is a spirited guy, and will run the fence with our dogs.  He has beautiful grey fiber.

We sadly no longer have Professor and Fudge from Bar-Q-Diamond Ranch.  These are very special boys to us, as they came from the family that got us started with llamas many years ago.  They were exceptional animals and losing them meant losing a piece of our history with the Quackenbush family.


Our current flock is a mash-up of large and small breeds.  We have Buff Orpingtons, Mille Fleur d’Uccle, and some Barred Rock.  We unintentionally became a chicken rescue for a bit, and had 54 birds!  We are now back down to about 10, and only 2 cocks (roosters).  Hoping to rebuild their habitat to be adorable and functional soon!  Our 2023 chicks are scheduled for a January delivery, to boost our egg production.


Becky got in big trouble when she brought home 11 ducklings from work.  The family helped raise them until they were old enough to fly away, which they did. (they had lost their mom and a kind neighbor brought them to the animal hospital)  We have since learned that if we want to do more wildlife rescues like that, we need to be permitted.  Good thing, that will keep her from doing it again for awhile…  In the meantime, we purchased pet ducks.  They also had to remain in Colorado, and are now living at a 4H family farm.  We love duck eggs though, and as soon as we finish the chicken habitat, we’ll begin on the duck pond.


We love dogs…Becky is a certified veterinary technician, and her days of working at an animal hospital yielded us 2 Australian Cattle Dogs, Sidney and Bandit.  Both were rescues; we met them while they were receiving care at the animal hospital.  We added Calliope (Callie), an Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix.  She has all of the beagle traits, except the ‘baroo’ has not ever been mastered.  We hope to someday own a Wolfhound or Deerhound, but need to research their compatibility with our small livestock.  (we do not allow other dogs to visit, mainly because of their unknown reaction to small livestock.  For their safety, please leave your furry friends at home when visiting!)


All of our current cats came from local barns.  I had heard that barn-cats would never enjoy being indoors, but ours didn’t get the memo.  They are couch potatoes that will occasionally chase the outside mice…We always spay/neuter our cats & dogs, and encourage everyone to adopt from your local shelter whenever possible.


We are currently housing a pretty ball python named Party Guy.


Do our trucks count as pets?  Just part of our collection, we acquired 3 old Studebakers (Fred is a farm truck with wood slats on the bed, Ol’ Blue is a cute decorative pickup, and Red actually has an engine!)

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