Happy New Year!

Welcome 2023, don’t let us down! We have so much planned for this year. There have been some hurdles since we welcomed in 2020;

  • 2020 began with a new cancer diagnosis, surgery, recovery, new adventures in musical theatre, and it all ground to a halt due to the pandemic, ended with a surgery.
  • 2021 looked hopeful; lots of baby goats being born, and another surprise surgery. Lots of projects to be done, but when you’re down a person, it takes a lot longer. Continued in the musical theatre, had a lot of fun.
  • 2022…things were looking good, more musical theatre fun in the works; then, a broken foot. No surgery! But, a long recovery and did a musical on a scooter. Foot recovered, did 2 more musicals between June and December! Added a new buck to our herd! Built some enormous sprinklers to more efficiently water our pastures. We removed a large portion of the rotting fencing and cross-fenced goat pastures and secured the perimeter of the property.
  • 2023 5 dairy goats expecting!~ A waiting list of raw milk customers due to changes at commercial groceries in our area. Baby chicks due to arrive in January to meet demand for eggs. A big garden planned. It’s only the 3rd day of January, and we have a new water heater! Renovation to the soap studio (thanks to the water heater being relocated) and safer electrical throughout the kitchen area.

What are we planning?

  • Grapes, Raspberries, enhanced garden area.
  • Better chicken coop and runs
  • Renovation of goat shelters
  • Agritourism; farm tours and experiences (check out the new section on our site!)
  • Duck pond
  • Road access to the old barn

Want to be involved? Working on the farm/ranch involves play-time when we are done. Swimming, kayaking, llama walks, relaxing by the fire pit and food. We love food and food is better with friends. If you truly want to work hard, let us know. We’ll ensure some quality play time after!

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