Summer 2024 For Sale:

  • 2023 ~ American Alpines. 
    • Alpine Doe $400.    All does are disbudded
  • 2022 doelings
    • American Alpine, ADGA registered. Milk test records for 2023. Selling as a pair-$500, currently in milk production once per day.
  • 2024 doeling and wether pair; dam is our most prolific milker. Selling as a pair (buddies!) for $450. Will be weaned as of 5/20/24.
  • All goats are vaccinated at 4 and 8 weeks of age for CDT.  Doelings are disbudded by one week of age, for ADGA show requirements and ease on the milkstand.  Bucklings retain their horns unless requested otherwise.  Goats being used as pack goats do better on the trail if they have their horns for temperature regulation.  This also allows the kids that aren’t reserved to live with our current herd until they are purchased.  Our dairy herd is tested annually for CAE/CL/Johnes diseases per ISDA requirements.  The rest of the herd (the boys) are tested every 2 years, or annually if we have added animals from an outside herd.  We no longer attend shows with our goats so they have not had any illnesses introduced.

2 thoughts on “Goats

  • Stephen brenner

    Do u have boer goat kids for sale ?

    • We apologize for the extreme delay in a reply. Our website is now being managed better! We only raise Alpine Dairy Goats at this time, not boer. Please contact us if you are interested in raw goat milk products, cheese, soap, or eggs in the Spring!

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