We started our herd in 2008 with a purebred Toggenburg goat and a Mini-Toggenburg. (a mini goat is one whose mother is a purebred large breed and the father is a Nigerian Dwarf).  As we learned our way around managing our 2 girls, and getting through our first kidding season, we decided to switch over to raising Alpine does instead.  We’ve kept our Mini-Togg, Camryn, and she is most definitely our herd queen!  While a little smaller than her Alpine barn mates, she is the boss.

We are working on our information page for scheduled 2018 kiddings; please check back, or follow our Rocky Ridge Ranch Facebook page. There will be one December 2017 kidding, of Nigerian Dwarf kids! These will likely be ‘pet’ quality goats only, not for breeding, until we can confirm the actual sire of these kids….unplanned pregnancies happen….

The Barnyard

Our ranch began when we first met a llama at the county fair.  We were taken in by how tall they were, and by how calm they were.  We made some inquiries, and soon my son was enrolled in the 4H program showing llamas!  Shortly thereafter, we acquired our first llama, Indian Peaks Trident, at a silent auction during a llama show.  Suddenly, we were the owners of ‘livestock’.  We couldn’t keep him at our house in the suburbs, so we looked into property.  That led to a 5 acre ranchette in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Within the first year, we added more llamas and chickens. We found a nice 35 acre parcel close by, but soon realized that with the scarcity of water and constant drought conditions in Colorado, we would need to relocate.

In 2017, we decided that it would be great fun to live closer to more of our family.  We are now currently located on a property in Kuna, Idaho.  A big change, we have 5 irrigated acres to play with.  Barn construction is in the planning stages, with completion slated for this Fall.

Our family is conscious of the foods we eat and where they come from; this led us into the goat world.  We did a little searching and found out the many benefits to owning our own dairy goats.  We now milk at least 5 does a year, we offer herd shares, and make our own cheeses and goat milk soap!  Becky is experimenting with all kinds of Goat Cheese recipes; the family favorite is Goat Cheese Truffles and a pound cake made with goat cheese!

Our youngest is continuing in 4H, and is excellent at showing goats and llamas at the county fair and other local shows.

What Do We Do

The barnyard leads to many other fun activities.  Becky has been a 4H leader in Elbert & Douglas Counties in Colorado.  She led a local community club, as well as the Llama & Alpaca project group and Heritage Arts projects.  Recently, she was teamed up with other alpaca & llama owners in the surrounding community to host an Open Class division for Fiber Arts & Fleeces in the Elbert County Fair.  She is very excited for her newest acquisition, a 36″ floor loom!  Once the big projects get completed around the house and ranch, she hopes to get it warped and ready to go (new terms…still learning what they all mean…)